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Turkey Fight Video here I Turkey Fight Photos here

Turkeys Flying Up To & Down From the Roost Video

here I Turkey Strutting & Gobbling Video here

Canada Goose Fight Video

here I Canada Goose Landing Video here

Trumpeter Swan Mating Display Video

here I Swan Mating / Breeding Display Photos here

Sandhill Crane Mating Dance Video

here I Sharp-tailed Grouse Mating Dance Video here

Hooded Merganser & Mallard Mating Display Video


Swimming Beaver Video

here I Moon Walkin' Takin (antelope) Video here

Whirling Wolverine Video


More Wildlife Videos


Common Golden Eye Mating Display I Barrow's Goldeneye Mating Display I Duck Photos

Western Grebe Mating Display I Great-crested Grebe Mating Display I Grebe Fight

Wild Turkey Mating Display I Capercaillie Mating Display I Prairie Chicken Mating Display

Sharp-tailed Grouse Mating Display I Greater Sage Grouse Mating Display

Sandhill Crane Mating Display I

Bald Eagle Photos I Bald Eagle Fishing Video I Young Osprey Eating Fish

Bison Fight I Bison Photos I Moose Fight I

White-tailed Deer Fight I Elk Photos I Elk Fight Video

Wolf Photos


Live Animal Cameras

Links to 130 live bird, mammal, fish, insect, and aquatic animal cameras.


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Southeast Minnesota Tours

Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge; Bald Eagle, Birding, Waterfowl & Wildflower Tours

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden & Bird Sanctuary

Cannon River Valley & Sogn Valley; Bald Eagle Nesting, Birding, Fossil & Birding Tours

Winter Bald Eagle, Tundra Swan & Waterfowl Tours

Winter Trumpeter Swan Tours

Wildflower Tours

Weaver Bottom Birding Tours

Elk Bugling Tours

Fossil Tours


Southwest Minnesota Tours

Jeffers Petroglyphs State Historic Site; Rock Carving & Wildflower Tours

Pipestone National Monument

Blue Mounds State Park


Central Minnesota Tours

Carlos Avery Game Refuge; Wolf Howling, Game Animal, Waterfowl & Birding Tours

Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge; Bald Eagle, Waterfowl, Wading Birds, Songbird & Wildflower Tours


Northwest Minnesota Tours

Lake Superior North Shore; Split Rock Lighthouse, Goosberry Falls, Birding & Wildflower Tours

Gunflint Trail; Wildlife, Birding & Wildflower Tours

St. Louis River Valley; Fall Color & Birding Tours


Western Wisconsin Tours

Crex Meadows; Wolf Howling, Sandhill Crane, Praire Chicken, Sharp-tailed Grouse, Waterfowl, Wading Bird, Shorebird, Song Bird & Wildflower Tours


T. R. Michels Outdoor Photography

Birds, Animals, Wildflowers, Scenery

Mike Brooks Outdoor Photography

Birds, Animals, Wildflowers, Scenery


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Wild Animal Web Cams

African Wildlife

Bat Cam

BBC Badger Cam (United Kingdom)

BuckEye Cam Whitetail Deer

Critter Cam Alive Whitetail Deer, animals, birds

Deer Cam Whitetail Deer


Grizzly Cam (Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, BC)

Moose Watch Cam

Otter Cam Scotland. IOSF rehabilitation center on the Isle of Skye.

Real Deer Hunting Cam from New Jersey

Sea Lion Caves (Florence, OR)


Pier 39-San Francisco, California, live stream with sea lions.

Harp Seal Cam Live stream from Canada.

Wildlife Cam Whitetail, Mule Deer, Birds from Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Colorado

Wild.TV Red Deer, Wild Boar from Germany 


Bird Cameras

The Backyard Voyeur Squirrels and Birds in a backyard.

Birdfeeder cams USA

Bird Feeder Cam. Ithaka New York. Live Stream!

Bird Table (Church Farm, UK)

Birdfeeder Cam (Poughkeepsie, New York)

Bird Feeder Cam Benbruck, Texas

Birdwatching Webcams various places

Falcon Cam Rochester New York

Hummingbird Cam from Costa Rica


Kodak Bird Cam

Ohio Division of Wildlife Cam (Columbus, Ohio) 

Osprey Nest Washington Lake, Renton, WA.

Osprey Nest Cam

Osprey Cam (Cambridge, MD) 1/5/07 Bald Eagle seen here.

Owl Box Web Cam (Mendon, MA)

Penguins breeding Antarctica. Gentoo Penguins.

Puffins at Seal island Maine. Live stream with sound.

Resplendent Quetzal Nest Cam from Monteverde, Costa Rica

Sandhill Crane Migration Cam Live streaming video

Wild Birds Unlimited (Carmel, Indiana)  

Wild Animals

Pocono Mountain Weather and Wildlife Cam (Milford, PA)

Xcel Energy Cams, Eagle, Peregrine, Kestrel, Barn Owl, Great Horned Owl


Ocean Cams

Monterey Bay Live cams-California. Sharks, penguins, otters.

Reef Cam / Beach Cams Caribbean Island of Bonaire.

Whale Sounds Kihei, Maui



Aquarium Cams

Aquarium TV Live fish

Beluga Whale cam Vancouver, Canada.

Dolphins Minnesota Zoo Cams
(Apple Valley, MN)

Fish-Cam.net Aquarium Cam

Fish Eye/Coral Reef Cam (Coral Gables, FL)

Fish Voyeur

BBC Showbizz Goldfish

Jellyfish Cam


Janet's Koi Kam (Cedar Park, TX)

Manatee Cam (Homosassa, FL)

Octopus Cam (Smithsonian)

Oscar Fish Watch the aquarium

Piranhas. Amazon River underwater cam Live stream.

Piranha live Nashville, Tennessee.

Salmon Cam

Sharks Minnesota Zoo (Apple Valley, MN)

Sharks Waikiki Aquarium (Waikiki, HI)

Sharks Oregon Coast Aquarium Cams
(Newport, OR)

Sharks Monterey Bay Aquarium California

Key West Aquarium
(Key West, FL)

Monterey Bay Aquarium Kelp Cam (Monterey Bay, CA)

Monterey Bay Aquarium-Live Stream of fishes. Great

Nano Reef Someone's aquarium.

New England Aquarium
(Boston, MA)

Oregon Coast Aquarium
(Newport, OR)


Zoo & Captive Animal Cams

African Lion

African Leopard

African Black Leopard

Alpaca Cam (Loveland, CO)

Ape Cam San Diego, California

Butterflies (New York, New York)

Draper's Bee Cam (Millerton, Pennsylvania)


Duck Cams live duck in USA

Fish, Birds and More Live streams from Germany.

Gatorland Florida

Giant Panda

Elephant House-San Diego, California.

Elephant Earth Cam (Indianapolis, IN)

Elephant Cam (Africa)

Flamingo Cam (Washington DC)

Gator & Garden Cam
(Naples, FL)

Gatorland Cam
(Orlando, FL)

Gibbons Gibbon Cam (Minneapolis, MN)

Giraffe Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Gorilla Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Gorilla Howletts Wild Animal Park Cams
(Bekesbourne, Kent, UK)

Groundhog Day Cam Punxsutawney Phil

Kangaroo Video Clips (Australia)

Koala Cam (Brisbane, Australia)

Koala Cam Riverbank Zoo, South Carolina. Live Koala exhibit at the.

Llama Farm Cam (Indianapolis, IN)

Lemurs Ring-tailed Lemurs

Black and White Lemurs

Red Ruffed Lemurs

Lion Cam Zoo of America.

Macaw Cam

Moose Cam


Smithsonian National Zoo (Washington DC)

Pandas at the Smithsonian National Zoo Live stream with sound.

Panda Cam at the San Diego Zoo

Panda Live Video Cam

Panda cam

Parrot Cam Blue and Gold Macaw

Parrot Spain

Penguin Biodome Cam (Montreal, Canada)

Jenkinson's Penguin Aquarium Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Monterey Bay Penguin Cam (Monterey Bay, CA)

Polar Bear (San Diego Zoo)

Polar Bear Plunge

Reptile Rooms Web cam

Roaches, Giant Cave Iowa

Rhino ICam Live Stream

Rhino Cam Indianapolis Zoo

Sea Lions San Francisco.

Sugar Glider (Melbourne, Australia)

Tiger Cam

White Tigers

Golden Tigers

Bengal Tigers

Sumatran Tiger Cam (National Zoo)

Tarantula Cam

Turtle Farm Web Cam

Wolf Cam Tennesee

Wolves Bay's Mountain Wolf Cam (Kingsport, Tennessee)

Ginger's Exotic Wolf Cam (Idaho)


Zoo Cams

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Cams (Colorado Springs, CO)

Minnesota Zoo/Animals/Animal Cams

Oregon Zoo Cam
(Portland, OR)

Bays Mountain Park Cam
(Kingsport, TN)

San Diego Zoo Cams California. Click on Quick Links

Smithsonian National Zoological Park Cams
(Washington DC)

Toledo Zoo, (Toledo, OH)

Wisconsin Zoo Fully controled zoo-cam

Zoo Cam-Germany. Real Player live stream with sound!


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