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Wildflowers and other plants of Minnesota & Wisconsin

As a result of its varied habitat, Minnesota is home to several different species of wild flowers associated with the mixed evergreen and hardwood boreal forest of Canada, the tall grass prairies of the western plains, the agricultural lands, the swamps and bogs, the calcareous fens, and the hardwood forests of the Midwest.


View photos of Minnesota Wildflowers from the MN DNR.

View photos, description and habitat of Minnesota Wildflowers.

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Spring Ephemerals

Wild calla lily, lady's slipper, trout lily and the rare (endemic) Minnesota trout lily, bluebells, shooting star

Late Spring Wildflowers

Columbines, May apples, large flowered trillium, wild geranium, blue flag iris, bunchberry, blue bead lily, Canada anemone, bearbery, coral root, lady's slipper, gaywing, goldthread

Prairie Wildflowers

Pasque flowers, pussytoes, hoary puccoon, pentsemmon, Indian paintbrush, prairie smoke, blue eyed grass, wood betony, jeweled and white shooting star, yellow flowered prickly cactus, lilac, purple and yellow vetches, purple spike flower. Estrem, coreopsis, blue flower, lady's slipper. Majerus side hill; orange vine flower

Woodland and Prairie Wild Flowers

Wild bergamot, yellow and blue violets, blue bunch flower, butter-and-eggs, European blue harebells (late June), ferns, pitcher plant, blood root, King Solomon's seal, false lily-of-the-valley, yellow cone flower, white daisy, several varieties of sunflowers. Majerus fen; boneset. Majerus house; trout lily. Wanamingo park; blue and maroon violets

Bog Plants

June: dwarf lake iris, Arctic primrose, cancer root, buckbean, bog rosemary, pitcher plant, wild calla, wild iris, insect-eating sundew and 40 other flowering plants; ladies tresses orchids, four types of bog orchid, stripped and spotted coral root, showy lady's slippers


Striped coral roots, ram's head, pink moccasin lady's slipper, stemless lady's slipper, dragon's mouth orchid, grass pink, yellow lady's slipper, show lady's slipper, rare calypso orchid

Uncommon Species

White lady's slipper, fringed white prairie orchid


T.R. Michels' Trinity Mountain Outdoor Adventures offers Wildflower Tours of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Join T.R. Michels for an outdoor adventure you or your whole family will enjoy. T.R. Michels is a nationally recognized wildlife researcher, naturalist, outdoor writer, author and photographer who enjoys helping others experience the Great Outdoors.


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