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We offer Natural History Eco-Tours & Photography Trips to several State and National Parks and other areas for Bighorn Sheep, Elk Mule Deer, Mountain Goat, Moose, Wild Turkey, White-tailed Deer; $200 per person per day; maximum of 4 persons.

Wildflower & Scenery Photography Tours; $20 per person for 1-3 hours; minimum of 2 persons.

For more information contact T.R. Michels at Trinity Mountain Outdoor Adventures.


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Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep & Bison Photos

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Mountain Goat

The Mountain Goat (Oreamnos americanus) is found only in North America in the mountainous regions of southeastern Alaska, central and southern Yukon, western and eastern British Columbia, western Alberta, northwest Washington, Idaho, western and southern Montana, northwest Wyoming, the Black Hills region of South Dakota, northern Utah, and central and southwestern Colorado. It has long white hair and both sexes have black spike horns reaching 9-11 inches. Males reach heights of 3-4 feet at the shoulder, five feet in length and weights of 300 pounds. Nine inch horns often make the record books.

Mountain Goat Herd on Ridge

Mountain Goat on Cliff

Mountain Goat on Ridge


The sheep of North America are divided into two species, and six subspecies. Both sexes have horns, those of mature rams are 35-45 inches long and curve in a circular pattern with bases up to 17 inches; those of ewes are much smaller and not circular. Their tracks resemble those of deer but are less pointed, larger and blockier, with straight edges.

Bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) are brown with a white rump, males are 3-3 1/2 feet at the shoulder and weigh 150-275 pounds. Until recently the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, California bighorn sheep and the Audubon bighorn sheep were all classified as separate subspecies. New genetic testing has found that they are all the same species. Rocky Mountain sheep are found in California, and throughout the Rocky Mountains from Wyoming and Montana to Alberta and British Columbia. The Desert bighorn (O. c. nelsoni) is found in the desert regions of the southwest and in Mexico. California. It is generally grayer in color than the Rocky Mountain subspecies. The Sierra Nevada bighorn, separated out as a new distinct subspecies, has been recognized as one of the rarest mammals in North America. In 2000, the Sierra bighorn was listed as an endangered species.


Dall Sheep

Dall Sheep head

Desert Bighorn Sheep


Bighorn Sheep 1

Bighorn Sheep 2

Bighorn 5

Bighorn 6

Bighorn Snow

Bighorn Head

BIghorn on Rock

Bighorn Ram & Ewes

Bighorn Ram Group

Bighorn Rams 3

Bighorn Rams Staring

Bighorn Rams Winter


Bighorn Lambs


There are two species of bison, the European bison or wisent (Bison bonasus) and the American bison (Bison bison), or buffalo as they are called in America. American bison are divided into two subspecies. The American bison (B. b. bison) is found in northwest Colorado, south central Utah, the Yellowstone ecosystem, the Black Hills, southern Alberta and east central Alaska. The Wood buffalo (B. b. athabascae) is found in the northwestern United States and Canada. A large herd of this subspecies inhabits Wood Buffalo Park near the Slave, Athabasca and Peace Rivers in the southern Northwest Territories and extreme northeast Alberta. This herd numbers about 3000 animals and is the largest herd in North America, and the only herd that has never been kept in captivity. The Wood buffalo is considered endangered in Canada. The world record as of 2003 belongs to Duane Richardson of Arizona and scores 129 6/8.

The wisent (Bison bonasus) was first described in scientific literature by Carolus Linnaeus in 1758. It was classified as endangered in 1996. A typical individual is about 2.9 m long and 1.8-1.9 m tall, and weighs 300 to 920 kg. It is taller and less massive than the American Bison, has shorter hair and is a forest dwelling animal.

American bison bulls may reach 5-6 feet at the shoulder, 12 feet in length, males weigh 1,000-2,000 pounds, females 800-1,000,live 20-25 years. Dark brown shaggy head and beard, dark brown body and legs of short hair, except for the shoulders, which are shaggy and often lighter brown. They often make saucer-like depressions or wallows 8-10 feet wide, which they roll in. Tracks of the front hoof are 6-7 inches long, hind hoof slightly smaller, hind hooves fall behind and slightly outside of front prints. Droppings look like cow droppings, flat round patties. Breed from July to August, gestation 9 months, generally 1calf born every 1-2 years in May or June. Both sexes have horns that are round and curve out and up. Males generally have a wider head when viewed from the front than females and have a noticeable penal projection hanging down from the middle of the belly.


Bison at Hot Springs

Bison Crossing River

Bison Fight

Bison Fog

Bison Fog 2

Bison Grand Tetons

Bison Hayden Valley

Bison Herd at River

Bison in Lake

Bison Herd Running

Bison Head

Bison Herd

Bison Herd in Fog

Bison Herd Snowy Trees

Bison River Mist

Bison in Snow

Bison in Snow 2

Bison in Snow 3

Bison in Valley

Bison Madison River

Bison Mist

Bison Old Faithful

Bison Old Faithful 2

Bison Firehole River

Bison Trout Creek

Bison Uphill Snow

Bison Scratching Chin

Bison Shaking

Bison Shoveling Snow

Bison Silhouette

Bison Snow Covered

Bison Snow & Fog

Bison Swimming Mist


Bison Swimming the Yellowstone River

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