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Letters to T.R.

September 8, 1993 

Dear T.R., 

Look forward to receiving your waterfowl pattern, I have received many compliments on your Konifer pattern.


H. Norman Schwartzkopf

General, U.S. Army, Retired


Give me a call if the geese fly - and it's above freezing.


(Football Hall of Fame Coach Bud Grant, Minnesota Vikings)


Bud Grant with 8 point buck

January 9, 1989

Dear T.R.,

My recent hunt with you and Lance Andrews was truly enjoyable. It would be hard to improve upon the hunting I experienced. The only complaint I would have was that it was almost too easy! I guess I had "paid my dues" on previous unsuccessful elk hunts. The time was right for me to cash in. At any rate, being able to get a beautiful six by six bull the first morning out of camp was a wonderful experience.

Division, Sealed Power Corporation, Owatonna, MN

Buzz Kaplan and Bud Grant with Buzz's 6x6 elk. 


T.R. Now that I have gotten my trophy, I can hardly wait for my grandson to get big enough to accompany me on another hunt. Thanks T.R., for making this hunt so enjoyable.


R.W. Kaplan


I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your assistance to my son's science project. Your notes gave him new energy and determination to see the project through and add new data. He had requested feedback from several others and they didn't return his email, or told him to proceed as outlined. I appreciate the time you took to outline the items and tell him why the item was important. 

He came up with the idea last fall and had a good presentation for the science fair but his journal was very lacking and the judges said he had little subject knowledge. He told me yesterday that they will not be able to say that again! 

We will try to make one of your seminars in the future. I looked at the schedule for this year and the closest one was 1,000 miles away. 

Thank you again,

Mark Stone


I wanted to write to thank you for your informative site and bold witness. I'm 26 and I live in central MA. My grandfather has been an avid hunter his whole life, but there was a generation gap in my father. Until now, I've always hunted with a camera and my eyes. This year, everything seems to be coming together for my first whitetail hunt (or hunt of any kind). I am excited to hunt with my bow, but I also have a 16 gauge that I may try during December. I have a friend from church who is available to help me with tracking (if needs be), field dressing, and butchering. Aside from him, I have had no mentors in this process. Stumbling upon your site was a major boon.

Through the help of your site, I have filled in many of the blanks in my scouting. Your information about deer biology has been interesting and most helpful. I have thoroughly enjoyed this phase of my hunt, thanks in no small part to the wealth of information you provide. I have identified major locations in my hunting area:

1) A well defined rubline along a river valley, with a crossing over the river and clearings surrounded by good cover (large and small hemlocks)

2) A field not far away with deer beds and tracks

3) A thick hemlock forest on a steep ridge with good wind directions for a buck's sense of smell (but I have failed to locate rubs or sign in this area),

4) A well traveled trail along the opposite ridge through acorn forest, sticking to the high ground. Largest print 2.5" or so. Some dense pine sapling forests would also give excellent cover.

I have made a map of the area using traced topography contours and aerial photographs, showing key deer locations from my handheld GPS. If I sent it to you, would you review it for me and pass along any wisdom you feel is relevant? I have yet to see any deer in the flesh (most of my scouting has been around mid-day). One thing that has me a little stumped is what times of day the deer will be going which directions so I can set myself downwind from their expected movements, morning or night.

Sorry this got so long... I will send the map through if you are interested in an amateur's attempts. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, but your time is undoubtedly valuable in this season, so I will not be disappointed if I am asking too much ...

Sincere thanks, and God's Blessings to you,

Dave Fogg


Quotes from readers of T.R.'s articles, 

Trinity Mountain Outdoors Internet Magazine

and "T.R.'s Hunting Tips" Message Board

Dear Sir,
I was pleased to find your site on the web. I am a Marine and also a huge outdoorsman. I was reading some of your articles on "Lunar Factors And The Weather: Predicting Deer Movement" and than read your bio.


Sir, I just wanted to say it is nice to see a fellow Christian doing things like this. I really enjoyed your article and look forward to reading some more of your work. May god bless you with everything you do and I will be praying for your continued success.

Respectfully Yours,

Dave Pisczek Sgt
CBRN Defense/Training NCO
MWSS 471 Det. A


Mr. Michels - I just read your article on Whitetails.com regarding the timing of the rut and it's causes. I agree with much of what you wrote attributing the rut timing to priming pheromones. I actually was pre-vet at the U of Delaware with a minor in wildlife, and did a research paper on priming pheromones and estrous detection in whitetails, based on work by Dr. Marchinton and Dr. Miller. The pheromones in the gland secretions from bucks cause the does to go into estrus. They, in turn, release pheromones in their vaginal secretions, which allow bucks to detect estrus by taking the pheromones into the vomeronasal gland in the roof of their mouth. This triggers the hypothalamus to release hormones, which trigger rutting behavior. Pretty awesome system.

Josh Thompson Hartly, DE


Mr. Michels, Your articles and web site are phenomenal. Thank you, John Kuzicki


Wow!!!!! Talk about useful information. I feel as though I have hit the lottery!


T.R., I will absolutely pass-on your site. I grew up back East and my friends and I are ALL whitetail hunters. I've read some of your articles and find them to be right on the money. Furthermore, your articles break things down to the basics, so even though you may have been doing the "right thing," now you understand why it was right and why it worked! John


First off I'd like to say I've read a lot of the information you've written here (on "T.R's Tips" talk forum, and in Trinity Mountain Outdoors Magazine) and at other posts and *#%, in just 3 minutes I learned more than I have in 3 years (of deer hunting). Manfred


Your site has taught me a great deal. Justin


Mr. Michels, I heard about you through the internet, I was searching for tips on decoying Canada Geese for a speech I am giving next Thursday (I attend the University of Vermont). Your site came up and I have gotta tell you, great information!! Roger Masse


Does the Moon affect Peak Breeding?

(From Whitetail Addict's Manual and Deer Addict's Manual Volume, 4: Lunar Factors, The Real Truth. Parts previously published in the NRA American Hunter, Petersen's Bowhunting, and Fur-Fish-Game.) 

"Scientific research by several deer biologists shows that neither the hourly/daily movements of whitetails, nor the peak breeding dates of whitetails, are correlated with, or are affected by, the moon. Those who try to convince you otherwise have no credible scientific data to support their theories. I'm going with the biologists; not the theorists." T.R. Michels 


T.R. You are the MAN! Wanna be my new best friend? Thanks for all the info. Man it sounds like you've done your homework. So in laymen's terms I should go get in my stand and not come down til I fill my tags, or mid-November. Seriously though, are you a hunter or just a scientist? Do you ever get time to bow hunt? Seems to me you've got the "Santa on Christmas" syndrome, everyone else has fun and it's your busiest time. Thanks again


T.R. I was just looking at the post. It was VERY informative. I much prefer the scientific data as opposed to some toothless guy from ... telling me it's all based on Kenny Kingstons' Psychic Hotline. Kelly, Tecumseh, MI


Wherever you obtained your information (about the rut in specific areas), I would have to agree with the biologists. Today I was in my climber about 45 min. before sunrise and sat there until about 10:40. I didn't see anything the whole time except about nine hundred squirrels and the loudest crows I have ever heard in my entire life. Anyways, I stayed in longer than usual because the later it got, the cooler it got and it was overcast. So when I got down I walked around for about 20 minutes and started to walk up one side of a hill. Well, as I was walking up, a buck was coming down and he looked like a rabbit dog. Josh, SC

TR, You are a wealth of knowledge. Keep up the good posts on the forum. I would like to know the Rut Dates for Washtenaw County, Michigan (near Ann Arbor). Thanks, Paul K

T.R., Thanks for the prompt reply. I am a new bow hunter this year and took an eight point on opening day (10/1). I consider myself a lucky person. However, I am the type to read a lot, so I do want to order some of your information. Paul K 


TR - that's some very informative info - thanks


T.R., You really know your ****, I mean stuff. I got your mailer with the publication list. Am begging my beautiful, wonderful, kind, generous, beloved wife even as we speak.


T.R.'s Tips: Hunting Rutting Bucks

(From Whitetail Addict's Manual and Deer Addict's Manual, Volume 6; The Rut. Parts previously published in the NRA American Hunter)

 Hmmm, gonna have to try some of that! Thanks T.R.!

 Excellent info TR. Thanks!

 Fantastic info Mr. Michels, thank you for your great insight and techniques. Mikey  


T.R.'s Tips: Patterning Whitetails

(From Whitetail Addict's Manual and Deer Addict's Manual, Volume 2; Hunting Techniques. Parts previously published in the NRA's American Hunter.)

I want to think you for your articles. This one helped me kill a nice 8 point, heading from his bed, traveling his rub line. Instead of setting up next to the cornfield I patterned the buck back to his bedding area 400 yards back in a swamp behnd the corn field. I set up 20 yards from his rub route (staging area) about 100 yards from his bed. Double lunged him heading out early in the evening heading to the field. If I would have set up on the edge of the field I would have never seen him. I figure he would have made it to the field well after dark. He was the only deer I saw all day!! Thanks again!


TR, I did what you said and immediately found a rub line from where they had seen (the bucks). I worked it backwards into heavy cover and was astounded by the size and sheer numbers of rubs. It sets up so well for an afternoon hunt. The bad part is that a stand is very close already (not mine - a friend's) but the buck trail is downwind and 30 yards (thru a lot of trees) from that stand. I found a great tree on the downwind side of the trail. I hope to get it up today for an afternoon hunt tomorrow. Thanks for the help. Mike  


TR, over the year's I've read many articles from field editor's in many publications, and have had to disagree with a lot of there observations. A lot of it was general statement's that I didn't think pertained to my area, but your observation's are some of the best I've ever read. thank you very much, Norsemen

T.R.'s Tips: The Elk Rut and Elk Calling

(From the Elk Addict's Manual. Parts previously published in Petersen's Bowhunting, and Fur-Fish-Game.) 

TR, Thank you very much for your info. It is wonderful to have knowledge and then share it with us less fortunate. I really do appreciate your input and will probably be sending you questions from time to time. If I get to be a pain just let me know. But, I do love to chase elk, and the more a person knows the better it is. A lot of your info makes sense. Thanks again Joel


TR. do you have all of these vocalizations recorded? Available on the net? I am sure, like myself, many people would like to have a listen.

T.R.'s Tips; Turkey Vocalizations and Turkey Calling

(From Turkey Addict's Manual. Parts previously published in the NRA's American Hunter, and the NWTF's Turkey Call magazine.) 

T.R. Thanks for the tips you have posted. I have enjoyed reading all of your posts, as they are all filled with useful and interesting information. I have a question about gobbling that I have been wondering about for some time. I have always heard that barometric pressure has an influence on when and how often turkeys will gobble. Have you done any research on the impact of changes in barometric pressure on gobblers? Thanks. A.J.

Nice post, thanks

T.R.'s Tips: Goose Vocalizations and Goose Calling

(From Duck & Goose Addict's Manual. Parts previously published in the NRA's American Hunter.) 

I've just finished reading this again. I keep finding things that besides being interesting make a lot of sense, if you stop and think about it. I've even copied it and sent it to a lady I work with who is not a hunter, but from my constant talking has gotten interested in ducks and geese.


Hmmm ... stands a lot of "conventional knowledge" on its head, doesn't it?


We have used that excited call many times on flocks. Most of the time we get a reaction. Not always but most. So what ever you want to call it or not call it. The technique works! But of course only a real goose hunter would know this. 


Remember, take a child to the field, they are the future.


EXCELLENT POST! There is a lot of misconception about calling, one of which is that most guys call to get geese to come, well that's not true. I have had the same thoughts about this, thanks for posting it!!! "God created WOMEN, Because LABS can't cook!"


Good reading. Breaks it down pretty good.


TR, that makes for interesting reading thanks.


Thanks for the heads up. Good to see you posting again. Look forward to reading more of your posts. Pit Boss, Oregon Flyway Moderator


T.R.'s Tips:  Duck Vocalizations and Duck Calling

(From Duck & Goose Addict's Manual. Parts previously published in the NRA's American Hunter.)

WOW!! That sounded like part of a Masters Dissertation. Well wrote. 


The Duck Commander has nothing on this guy. 


Dang this ol boy has got duck calling roped, dallied, and stretched!  Not to mention covered up in a pile of English!

Quotes in response to the book "Musings and Memories; A Hunter's Thoughts"

What Is A Deer Stand?

Outstanding TR. Well said. If I went out solely for the kill, I would've quit a long time ago (or starved).


Like it. I love it! that is very well written.


Maybe the part of hunting I like the most is sitting in my blind watching the deer...the way they eriely creep out of the wooded cover, carefully walking, stepping, approaching and finally dropping their heads to eat ... The view of these magnificent animals is enough to make any hunter happy


The hunt is not about the kill...it is about being out there in the woods... 


Your post is very evocative and I thank you for it... Sport240


What is a Duck Hunter?

That has got to be the best post I have ever read! A big thumbs up for that one!!


After reading that I think I will go tell the boss I'm sick, and head out to the blind for the last couple hours this evening.


Great post. I think a duck hunter is someone who appreciates being connected to the outdoors, as well as being connected to the people that share the experience. 


For a long time I have asked to myself " What am I looking for in this blind". Thank you for this excellent post.


"The duck blind is a place to get away, if only for a few hours" trmichels


I read something one day that stated, you had to be half crazy to hunt ducks. There may be some truth to the statement, but I've been hunting them for forty years and I still cant get enough....  Good post. --Coot--  


There Ain't Nothing" Better 'n A Lab

T.R., Awesome account of your labs! Man, I am not ashamed to admit that I had some moisture creep into the corner of my eye.


NOW you're talking, T.R.! See, I knew there was SOMETHING we could agree on! 


Excellent story tr. Love mine to death they are the best thing that's happened to me in a long long time or so it seems. Treat them with love and they return it ten times over without a question.  


The Rites of Passage; Passing on the Tradition

Awesome! TTT


Awesome... Just what a new father like me needed to read!!!


TRM ... great thoughts and very well written. I'm 61 ... wait'll you get to be my age and then post again about the additional revelations you've discovered in the next ten plus years. It's even more amazing! Just remember, God does not deduct from a hunter's lifetime those days spent with dawgs or kids ... teaching each to appreciate the bounty He has provided for us.


Good read thanks



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